Science Careers

Whether you’re an undergrad, a postdoc, or a faculty member, there are many ways to develop your career and build professional skills. In this section of the blog, you’ll learn about the myriad of career options in science and you’ll find advice on applying for jobs, developing new skills, mentoring, management, and more!

Applying for Jobs

Getting ready for your job search? From writing a cover letter, giving a chalk talk, and preparing for interviews, this section of the blog has many things to help you through the process.

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Attending conferences can be pivotal for your career. You’re given the opportunity to network with your peers, gain insight and ideas for your work and collaborations, and meet potential employers.

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Early Career Researcher

If you’re just starting out in the lab, there’s a lot of new things to learn! Our Early Career Researcher series is here to help. Check out the “Early Career Researcher Toolbox” series for free tools to help you in your research, get tips for finding a lab for graduate school or your postdoc, and more.
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Teaching biology? This section introduces you to various tools you can use in biology courses and features initiatives from the scientific community who are promoting science education.

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Management for Scientists

If you’re getting started in management or want some extra tips, check out this section of the blog where you can find tips for leading meetings, feedback, delegating, and more.

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Mentoring for Scientists

A mentor can be almost anyone: your peers, your PI, other faculty, and those that have careers you aspire to. This series of blog posts will help you choose the right mentor and how to maintain that relationship.

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Networking can take many forms and can occur on social media, at in-person or virtual events, and more. Build up your networking skills with tips from these articles.

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Professional Development

Throughout our careers, we develop many transferable skills no matter what field we work in. Check out some tips for teamwork, time management, and how to develop your career and gain new skills.

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Science Career Options

There are so many places a science career can take you: academia, industry, science policy, etc. Browse the options and hear from the scientists themselves that have these careers.

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