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Addgene Newsletter, October 2022


Hey there,

You may have noticed a spooky typo in our last newsletter’s salutation – but have no fear, we cleared out the poltergeists and fixed the issue. Our apologies! In other spooktacular news, we’ll be launching a major update to the Addgene Data Hub in late 2022, which will include boo-lightful changes that make it easier to share your AAV data. Read on for news about: 
  • AAV Data Hub Challenge
  • New General Use Antibodies
  • Addgene at SfN
  • ....and more! 
AAV Data Hub Challenge

Our Data Hub challenge has a new date and a new format! This now fully-virtual event will take place Dec. 6 at 12 pm ET. Submit your AAV data by Nov. 12 for a chance to be one of ten finalists competing for one of two $500 travel prizes in our speed-presentation competition! Competitors will be selected by Addgene AAV experts, and will be judged by our guest panelists, Drs. Connie Cepko, Ian Wickersham, and Bobae An, who will then lead a Q&A session for all attendees. 

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New General Use Antibodies

Addgene’s antibody collection continues to grow! Check out our latest offerings: general use antibodies, all recommended for Western blots. Our team is working hard to validate these antibodies for other applications (and we’ll be expanding our Data Hub to allow for antibody submissions in 2023!)

Abi the antibody



Addgene at SfN

We’re returning to in-person conferences, starting with SfN’s 2022 conference! Look for us at Booth 3105 and on the conference floor – you’ll know us by our t-shirts… and our swag! Addgenie scientists will be ready to answer questions on our Data Hub, neuroscience antibody collection, plasmids, and viral vectors. Also attending are our amazing videographer and our snazzy science communicator (that’s me!), who will both be looking for Addgene superfans to highlight in our video and content collections.

🔥Hot Plasmids🔥

Every few months, we like to showcase some of the hottest new tools in the Addgene repository. This month, we’ve hit the Addgene trifecta: a new plasmid, new antibody, and new viral vector! Hot Plasmids Icon with Red, Blue, and Yellow Flame

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